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Intersections of faith and solidarity practice

Intersections of faith and solidarity practice

Dear WTSA Family,

Faith matters. That’s the subject matter of my June podcast on solidarity practice. Listen to Reverend Tuhina Rasche share her thoughts on the weaponization of the Bible to separate families, and to Bayadir Mohamed’s spoken word poetry that sheds light on the Muslim ban and anti-Black racism.

You can listen to the podcast and subscribe here.

Thank you, Tuhina and Bayadir, for being on the podcast.

Listen to the Solidarity Is This Podcast

Listen to the Solidarity Is This Podcast

Dear We Too Sing America community: I’m so excited to share with you my new monthly podcast called Solidarity Is This. On each episode, my guests and I tackle questions about how to build multiracial solidarity in this particular moment in the American story.

Solidarity. It’s become a buzzword. But what does solidarity mean in reality? What are solidarity values and how do we center them? And how do we go about practicing solidarity, as activists, as organizations, as people who care deeply about building inclusive schools, campuses, workplaces and neighborhoods?

Listen to the first episode, Bystander, Upstander and then head over to the Solidarity Is This website to listen to them all.

For more, please visit:

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