podcast & solidarity syllabus

podcast & solidarity syllabus

Solidarity. It’s become a buzzword. But what does solidarity mean in reality? What are solidarity values and how do we center them? And how do we go about practicing solidarity, as activists, as organizations, as people who care deeply about building inclusive schools, campuses, workplaces and neighborhoods?

Find each month’s Solidarity Is This podcast on iTunes or at solidarityis.org. Listen to Solidarity Is This podcasts, read the Solidarity Syllabus for each podcast, and share with your networks using #SolidarityIsThis, @dviyer and @solidarity_is.

September 2018 syllabus: 17 Years Later 

August 2018 syllabus: Mother Earth 

July 2018 syllabus: ‘Never Again’ Is Now 

June 2018 syllabus: Faith Matters 

May 2018 syllabus: Disability Solidarity

April 2018 syllabus: Campus Solidarity

March 2018 syllabus: A New Vision for Safety

February 2018 syllabus: Network Weavers

January 2018 syllabus: Movement Ecology

December 2017 syllabus: American Land: Displacement and Removal

November 2017 syllabus: Our Community is Our Campaign

September 2017 syllabus: The Impact of Trauma and Crisis Response Work

August 2017 syllabus: On the Side of Justice: Immigration & Charlottesville

July 2017 syllabus: Muslim and Refugee Bans 

June 2017 syllabus: Bystander, Upstander Solidarity in Portland 




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