For organizations

For organizations

How can your organization use We Too Sing America?

1. Academic/University:

• Make We Too Sing America part of your syllabus if you teach Ethnic Studies, American Studies, Asian American Studies, Political Science or Sociology courses.

Contact Deepa for a syllabus guide with discussion questions.

2. Non-Profit Organizations:

• Invite Deepa and the activists featured in We Too Sing America to speak your next conference, discussion, or leadership development program.

 Does your organization run a youth leadership development program for South Asian, Muslim, Arab or Sikh youth? Deepa has an opportunity to provide donated books for participants. Contact her for more information!

3. Chapters & Professional Entities:

• Make We Too Sing America your book of choice in a book club,
using the questions at the end of the book to guide your conversations.
• Use the charts in the book to curate a conversation on
America’s changing racial demographics.

4. Campus Leaders & Student Organizations

We Too Sing America is for every college student interested in learning more about the past decade and a half in American race and immigration politics — and taking action on their campuses to raise awareness and create change. Your campus organization can become part of the W2SA Campus Network by:
• Adopting the book as part of a community conversation, dialogue, or discussion.
• Make the themes of the book part of your organization’s events, and invite Deepa or other activists in the book to speak and conduct workshops.
• Organize a Week of Action about race and multiracial solidarity on campus, and invite one of the young activists featured in the book to speak to campus leaders.
• Advocating with your Ethnic Studies, American Studies, and Asian American Studies programs to provide classes about emerging communities of color and immigrants, the post 9/11 climate, or immigration and race.

Please feel free to email Deepa  for more ideas & information on how to host a We Too Sing America conversation in your city or campus.

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