Join the We Too Sing America Campus Network!

Join the We Too Sing America Campus Network!

We Too Sing America is for every college student interested in learning more about the past decade and a half in American race and immigration politics – and taking action on their campuses to raise awareness and create change. Your campus organization can become part of the W2SA Campus Network by:

  • Adopting the book as part of a book club conversation or dialogue or discussion
  • Make the themes of the book (the changing racial landscape) part of your organization’s events, and invite Deepa or other activists in the book to speak and conduct workshops
  • Advocating with your Ethnic Studies, American Studies, and Asian American Studies programs to provide classes about emerging communities of color and immigrants, the post 9/11 climate, or immigration and race.

Complete the contact form below (include your university name and location in the message) or email Deepa for more information and ideas, and to join the W2SA Campus Network!


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