Ready to Start Your Race Talks?

Ready to Start Your Race Talks?

Your Turn: More Race Talk and Action

As our country’s racial landscape changes, we need more – not less – talk and action to dismantle the root causes of inequality and injustice affecting communities of color.

Together, we can use storytelling, dialogue, and ideas to transform our communities.

How can you get involved?

Take the Pledge to:

  • Generate two conversations in your workplace, campus, center of worship, family or network of friends about themes in We Too Sing America. The stories and narratives in the book bring to light the invisible narratives of post 9/11 America; identify the intersections and effects of national (in)security, racial anxiety, xenophobia and Islamophobia; and advance ideas and actions for creating inclusive and equitable communities.

In the Appendix of the book and in the Toolbox drop down on this site, you will find exercises and guiding questions to get you started.

Then, share:

  • Your plans with a broader network of people also having race talks.  You can complete the form below, and also ask for guiding questions, workshop tools, and resources.

And, participate in:

  • A Week of Dialogue and Action (March 14-20, 2016) during which people and organizations around the country will engage in conversations and actions to embody the values and principles of shaping and living in a more inclusive America.


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