Read the book

Read the book


We Too Sing America is available for order. Please purchase at an independent bookstore near you or online. You can also order the hardback and paperback at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Interested in purchasing multiple copies of We Too Sing America in order to donate it to youth leadership programs involving South Asian, Arab, Muslim and Sikh youth? Contact Deepa at for more information. 

About the Book

In We Too Sing America: South Asian, Arab, Muslim and Sikh Immigrants Shape Our Multiracial Future, Deepa Iyer asks how emerging communities of color and immigrants can transform America’s changing racial landscape. Through storytelling and policy analysis around racial flashpoints such as the 2012 massacre at a Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek and the opposition to the construction of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Iyer traces the impact of post 9/11 national insecurities, anti-immigrant sentiment and racial anxiety on South Asian, Muslim, Arab, and Sikh communities.

The book lifts up the stories of young South Asian, Muslim, Arab and Sikh activists who are supporting new movements of resistance, including those of undocumented youth and Black Lives Matter. We Too Sing America is published by The New Press.

We Too Sing America has been selected for a 2016 American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation, as a 2016 staff pick from, and a Booklist (the magazine of the American Librarians Association) selection for the Top 10 Multicultural Non-Fiction Books of the Year.

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