Media & Community Reactions

Media & Community Reactions

We Too Sing America was honored with a 2016 American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation. Watch the ceremony on CSPAN here.

What’s We Too Sing America about and how are people responding to the stories and themes in it?


  • Eboo Patel reviews the book in The Washington Post  (Nov 22, 2015) in Immigrants Under Watchful Eyes: “In her powerful book We Too Sing America, Iyer links government programs like NSEERS to the overt Islamophobia of mosque protests and the massacre at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., creating a broader narrative about the experience of South Asian, Arab, Muslim and Sikh immigrant communities in post-9/11 America…Iyer is an ideal chronicler of this experience…Her ability to travel comfortably between wonky policy circles and the front lines of activism shines through in her book.”
  • Library Journal: “[A] riveting book … A welcome addition to the growing literature of race, ethnicity, and religion from the perspectives of immigrant groups within the United States. Both the general public and policymakers will benefit.”
  • Publisher’s Weekly: “While this book could simply be a catalogue of injustices, Iyer’s study reaches into the complexities of the many cultures that make up South Asia.”

Testimonials from Community Members, Educators, Students

  • “Deepa Iyer’s book, We Too Sing America is the best book for better, comprehensive, and more nuanced understandings underscored by important solid qualitative and quantitative data, on South Asian, Arab, Muslim and Sikh immigrants and how these great American populations must be included in our thoughts, policies, actions, and empathies if we are to achieve American aspirations such as equality, equity, freedom, and truly value the greatness of these individuals and cultures to our own professional, community, and personal lives.” – Jennifer Stollman, Academic Director, William Winter Institute
  • “A smart and accessible take on South Asian / AMEMSA racial justice, from pre-9/11 through 2042. It pulls together so many threads from the last decade, and it’s a starting point for lots of conversations. Super-recommended. It’s short, jargon-free, and heavily footnoted — and my copy is now full of (digital) highlighting.” – Anirvan Chatterji, Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour
  • We Too Sing America is a necessary, important, and passionate work that records the hymns, blues, and joyous songs of a post 9/11 America…But Iyer’s book aims higher: it reflects hope for America’s pluralistic future where these ‘others’ ultimately emerge as the protagonists of not only their own narratives but of a new, vibrant America as well.” – Wajahat Ali, Author of The Domestic Chronicles

In The News

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