Join We Too Sing America Conversations in March 2016!

Join We Too Sing America Conversations in March 2016!

Already in 2016, We Too Sing America community conversations have occurred on campuses like the University of Berkeley and the University of Texas, at bookstores like Booksmith in San Francisco, and at community centers like the Asian American Resource Center (Austin), the Nashville Public Library, and the Sri Ganesha Temple (Nashville).

Here’s a list of upcoming conversations in March. Please spread the word and join us! If you’d like to convene a conversation at your place of worship, with your youth group, on campus, or at your community center or local library, please email

We Too Sing America Book Tour (March 2016)

(please click on links for more information or contact

*March 2 at Towson University (in conversation with Shani Banks and Yves Gomes)

*March 7 at Brennan Center for Justice 

*March 18 at Asian American/Asian Research Institute of the City University of New York (in conversation with Zohra Saed)

*March 24th at Asian Americans for Equality’s Equality Fund Book Club (NYC)

*March 28th in Louisville, Kentucky at the Ursuline Arts Center




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