We Too Sing America in Bookstores on November 3rd!

We Too Sing America in Bookstores on November 3rd!

Thank you for stopping by! Here are some quick links and information about my new book, We Too Sing America: South Asian, Arab, Muslim and Sikh Immigrants Shape Our Multiracial Future. 

*What’s the Book About?  Race, demographics, power, communities of color, immigrants, post 9/11 America, and stories of young activists from South Asian, Muslim, Arab and Sikh communities. More details here.

*Interested? Get Your Copy: Please purchase at an independent bookstore near you (ask them to order a copy if they don’t have one in stock) or online. You can also order via Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

*Come to a Book Talk:  Join me in conversation with local activists in New York City (11/10), Washington, DC (11/11), Baltimore (11/12), Chicago (11/17), the University of Michigan (11/19), Louisville, Seattle (12/1) and Atlanta (12/8), San Francisco (1/20/2016) and Austin (2/20/2016).

*Convene a Race Talk on your campus, city, community center or workplace: Contact Deepa at deepa@deepaiyer.com.

*Stay in Touch: Complete the form below to receive occasional dispatches from Deepa with resources, articles, and updates related to the themes in the book. Just indicate that you want to subscribe to my e-newsletter.

Thank you for your interest and support!


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