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Outraged About Purvi Patel Case? Four Things to Do Now

Outraged About Purvi Patel Case? Four Things to Do Now

Update: Thanks to the groundswell of support around the country, more people are aware of the Purvi Patel case and its implications on the well-being of all women. The RhReality Check petition has over 20,000 signatures. Over $11,000 has been raised to support Purvi Patel’s family, and Apna Ghar is ensuring that these funds reach her family directly this week. I’ve updated some information below in the “4 things you can do”. Thanks to everyone for your support.

On Monday March 30, 2015, an Indiana judge issued Purvi Patel a 41 year sentence, with 20 years to be served in prison, for the crimes of feticide and neglect of a dependent. Patel maintains that she had a stillbirth and sought medical care.

Prosecuting, charging, convicting, and sentencing Purvi Patel is wrong for many reasons. The feticide law was intended to protect pregnant women – not criminalize them. Punishing a woman who suffered a miscarriage and sought medical attention sets a dangerous precedent for women in Indiana and around the nation (38 other states have similar feticide laws).  The potential impact on women of color and immigrant women – Purvi Patel is the second Asian woman to be charged under the feticide law in Indiana – is frightening.

Four Things You Can Do Now:

1. Sign the petition at RhReality Check: Send a message to Indiana leaders about Purvi’s case and the feticide law. You can also sign a petition here (at which asks for a full pardon for Purvi Patel.

2. Support Purvi Patel’s Family: Patel was the breadwinner and caregiver in her family. Donate to support her family.

3. Raise awareness:  Share articles and resources about the verdict with your own networks; write blogposts and opeds; and tweet using #Justice4Purvi to raise awareness about the implications of this case on the rights of all women.

4. Send a note of support to Purvi Patel: You can send cards to Purvi Patel c/o The Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice (IRCRC), PO Box 723, Lafayette, IN 47902. They will deliver them to Patel on their visits to her in prison.


*Check out the work of organizations such as the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, Apna Ghar, South Asian American Policy and Research Institute and the Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice  for resources, talking points and additional information.

*You can also join the Facebook page, Justice for Purvi Patel, here.

*Additional articles to read/share:

*Why Purvi Patel’s Indianness Matters by Ashwini Tambe

*Purvi Patel Could Be Just the Beginning at the New York Times

*Various articles in India Abroad, which reaches Indian American families around the U.S.





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