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This past weekend, I traveled to Ferguson to support the mobilization efforts organized by the Organization for Black Struggle, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot and other youth-led groups. I felt the energy of the movement that has been catalyzed by the murder of Michael Brown. Over the next few weeks, I hope to be writing more and sharing information about Ferguson and efforts to end police brutality. For now, I wanted to share:

*If you can support, pls donate to the Legal Support Fund to help those who have been arrested. I donated. Join me:

*If you want to follow what’s happening, use Twitter to follow @deray who also puts out weekly newsletters about how to support Ferguson efforts.

*I also wanted to share a piece I wrote about some visits that a small group of us made while in Ferguson with immigrant store owners. Here’s an excerpt:

The Ferguson Market & Liquor clerk and other immigrant workers might not be on the streets of Ferguson with African-American protestors night after night, but there seemed to be an understanding of the racial realities in Ferguson, especially when it comes to police. And, there seemed to be tacit support of the call for justice, which might also be the opening to have deeper and broader conversations.

Read the rest of the piece over at Colorlines.


The New Attorney General Must Make Racial Justice A Priority

The New Attorney General Must Make Racial Justice A Priority

Over at RhReality Check, I wrote about how the next Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice must prioritize racial justice. Here’s an excerpt:

Publicly contextualizing the past and current role that racism plays in the experiences of communities of color should be the norm, not the exception, among policymakers and elected officials. The new attorney general will undoubtedly continue to use litigation, investigations, and agency coordination under the Civil Rights Division’s leadership to enforce individual rights under anti-discrimination laws. But he or she should also prioritize tackling the racial bias that has entrenched itself in the bedrock of institutions of power in our country.

Read the rest of the piece here.




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