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Month: August 2014

Remembering Oak Creek, Recommitting to End Hate Violence

Remembering Oak Creek, Recommitting to End Hate Violence

Today (August 5, 2014) marks the second anniversary of the tragedy in Oak Creek, Wisconsin which claimed the lives of six and wounded many when a gunman with ties to white supremacist organizations terrorized the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. I’ve written a post over at NBCAsianAmerica with reflections and ideas for interventions to address, and ultimately, prevent hate violence.

Like communities in Aurora and Newtown, also ravaged by gun violence in 2012, the people of Oak Creek have been in a cycle of grieving and rebuilding over the past two years. But what sets this community apart is the added element of racial targeting that was at play there: a vicious combination of racial anxiety and post-9/11 animus that requires an additional and unique set of responses and interventions from all of us. You can find the rest of the article here.

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Words of support from around the country at two-year anniversary events in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

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